About Us

About Us

As one of USA leading Non‑Emergency Patient Transport providers, transports in excess of 200,000 patients each year. Our focus is to provide high quality clinical care and safe and timely patient transport.

High Standards

We aim to attain the highest standard of service delivery, quality, safety, and clinical practice. Our staff are committed to participating in continuous learning and professional development, to work beyond what is expected and come to work to make a difference.


We accept our individual and team responsibilities to meet our customers and patients’ needs and expectations. We take responsibility for our performance in all of our decisions and actions.


To be efficient and effective in our approach to give the most appropriate solution each time for our customers, patients, and the business. We continuously adapt and respond to changing circumstances and use our initiative to achieve the best outcome.

Why choose us

We believe in innovation and advancement in our field. We have the latest cutting-edge medical equipment such as Lifepak 15 patient monitors, EZ-IO and LUCAS CPR devices. All our teams and vehicles have worldwide GPS tracking radio communications systems meaning that we are always in contact. We utilize digital dispatch systems, like those of the NHS, to effectively manage our resources at your events, enabling us to provide enhanced levels of care to those who need it most. We have electronic patient records systems in place, which not only reduces our carbon footprint, but also provides event organizers and controllers with Realtime data on patient statistics and resource availability.